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Bears lose in Oakland 25-20

That game had an interesting feel to it. Caleb Hanie was making some youthful, check that, I'll go with dumb mistakes, but he did show some flashes that tells me he'll be able to build on his performance.  Some of his decisions were brutal, and some of his throws were spot on.  His 1st and 3rd picks were as bad of a couple throws that you'll ever see.  And I have no words to describe the last play of the game. 

The Bears defense was doing just enough for the majority of the game, but they were still allowing too much bend.  The front 4 was bringing good pressure throughout and they picked up 4 sacks against a good Raiders offensive line.  Sebastian Janikowski did his thing and kept putting points on the board, and Shane Lechler did a great job punting including an 80 yard boomer.  The Bears had the ball with a chance at the end of the game, and that's a positive moving forward with out Jay Cutler.  After the jump some of the stats.

Chicago Bears:

Caleb Hanie - 18-35 254 yards 2 TD 3 Int
Matt Forte - 12 carries 59 yards, 6 receptions 25 yards
Marion Barber - 10 carries 63 yards
Johnny Knox - 4 receptions 145 yards 1 TD
Julius Peppers - 2 sacks

Oakland Raiders:

Carson Palmer - 21-37 301 yards 1 Int
Michael Bush - 24 carries 69 yards 1 TD, 4 receptions 24 yards
Marcell Reece - 5 receptions 92 yards
Sebastian Janikowski - FG 6/6 XP 1/1 = 19 points