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Thoughts From NFL Week 12: Chicago Bears and beyond

The next time the Harbaugh brothers coach against each other I think a drinking game is in order.  Every single mention of the siblings and it's time to chug a beer.  Any mention of their father calls for a shot.  From my understanding there were plenty of such mentions during the Thursday Night telecast.  And speaking of the game, 9 sacks for the Ravens...  Yikes!!! 

I wonder of Rob Ryan, brother of Rex and son of Buddy, will ever get a call to run a team.  I'll bet the media is already gathering info in anticipation for that game.

1)  Tim TebowJust accept the Magic.  And for the record, if Tebow pulls out another win next week, I'm using his pic for my Week 13 Thoughts post.

2)  Back to the Ravens for a quick thought...  They are 8-3, but their 3 loses are bad loses (Tennessee, Jacksonville, and Seattle) and they've come spread out enough (weeks 2, 7, and 10) so I'm still not sure if they are consistent enough to be a real threat for the Super Bowl.  That D will keep them in every game, but the O has some more work to do.

3)  I did not expect Andy Dalton to be looking as good as he's been for the Bengals, if the voters take into consideration team wins for Rookie Of The Year, then he's a shoe in.

4)  I hope you've seen Buffalo's Stevie Johnson catch the 5 yard TD pass, do a little dance, then mock shoot himself in the leg, before doing the arms out airplane Jets move.  It was classic.  Until he fell down and was flagged for a penalty.  Then it became dumb.

5)  Vince Young throws for 400 yards, and it doesn't matter.  The Eagles are done.  Is Andy Reid on the hot seat?

6)  Staying with that game, did you see Patriots WR Julian Edelman playing defense? And not only filling in as an extra DB, but blitzing off the edge and popping Young?

7)  Dwayne Bowe had the worst case of Alligator Arms I think I've ever seen.

8)  The Lions have lost 2 of their last 3 games, and they'll be without Ndamukong Suh for a couple.  Next up they travel to New Orleans for a Sunday Nighter.  And as it sits right now, they are on the outside of the wildcard looking in.  I really feel bad for them and their fans...

9)  The Cowboys have won 4 in a row (Seattle, Buffalo, Washington, Miami); Have they turned a corner or have they been fattening up on some bad teams?

10)  I was surprised that Sebastian Janikowski wasn't able to boom every kickoff out of the endzone.  That Bears at Raiders tilt was a great game for the kickers/punters.  Janikowski, Shane Lechler, and Robbie Gould all had real good games.  Let's hear it for the specialists!!!