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Week 9: NFC Wild Card Watch

Chris Conte is flying high now, but he could play an integral part in the Bears' future after this week.

Yes, we're here again to take a look at the NFC--the teams that are in, the teams that are out. It's a crucial time in the season for the Bears to keep pace with others in the conference.

There are three teams in the NFC with a 4-3 record, and 3 teams with a 3-4 record.  The Bears are 4-3, and their opponent this weekend, the Philadelphia Eagles, are 3-4. That math spells potential trouble. The win and tiebreaker will be key.

Hit the jump for the top 10 teams in the NFC, rooting interests for Week 9, and some of the implications of Monday Night's game.

Rank(Prev) Team W L
Pct Div Conf
Streak Last 5
1(1) Green Bay Packers 7 0
1.000 (2-0) (6-0)
7W (5-0)
2(2) San Francisco 49ers 6 1
.857 (1-0) (4-1)
5W (5-0)
3(5) New York Giants 5 2
.714 (1-1) (3-2)
2W (4-1)
4(3) New Orleans Saints 5 3
.625 (1-1) (2-3)
1L (3-2)
5(4) Detroit Lions 6 2
.750 (2-0) (4-2)
1W (3-2)
6(6) Chicago Bears 4 3
.571 (1-2) (4-3)
2W (3-2)
7(7) Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4 3
.571 (2-0) (3-3)
1L (3-2)
8(8) Atlanta Falcons 4 3
.571 (1-1) (4-3)
2W (3-2)
9(11) Philadelphia Eagles 3 4
.429 (2-1) (3-3)
2W (2-3)
10(9) Dallas Cowboys 3 4
.429 (1-1) (3-2)
1L (2-3)


The Bears don't change in position, but their grasp is weak right now. They have tiebreakers over the Bucs and Falcons, But a loss to the Eagles will push them right. To keep themselves in the position they're in, a win this weekend is crucial.

Week 9 Rooting Interests 

BEARS at Philly --Cuz duh.

Seattle at Dallas --Only because the Cowboys are a stone's throw behind the Bears.
Atlanta at Indianapolis -- Because we want that tiebreaker to keep meaning something.
Tampa Bay @ New Orleans -- Better at this point to have the Saints win their division, so the tiebreaker stays in the Bears favor.
San Francisco @ Washington -- Pushes the Redskins even further off the list.
NYG at New England Patriots -- Keeps them several games ahead in their division, crucial for a team I think the Bears can beat in the playoffs, if need be.
Green Bay at San Diego -- Just in case there's an epic Green Bay collapse sitting in a warehouse somewhere.


Thoughts? Conundrums? Desires for outcomes differing from what we have here? Let us know!