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Three Keys Against the Eagles: Offense

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1) Delays and Draws against the Wide Nine

Contrary to what some articles would have you believe, the Eagles actually do have a really good front four in the pass-rush department. Jason Babin has nine sacks on the year, Trent Cole has four sacks in five games, and the rest of the linemen haven't been too shabby either. Part of the ends' high sack totals is a result of the Wide Nine look the Lions used against the Bears with great success.

This look relies on the linebackers to be able to make plays to stop the run game in the wider gaps between tackle and end, which is probably the weakest unit on the Eagles' defense. And with the Bears' run-blocking being far superior to their pass protection, there's potential for Matt Forte to have another big day.

2) Targeting the Mid-Yardage Receivers

Last year, Earl Bennett had two touchdowns against the Eagles' defense. Guess who's going to be on the field Monday night? No, I'm not going to go so stupidly far as to guarantee a touchdown for Bennett (Kellen Davis had one last year too), but I'll point out that while the secondary has been very good in coverage lately, the linebackers are rather suspect - targets underneath to Bennett, Dane Sanzenbacher and Kellen Davis could help drop down coverage and might open up deeper plays for Knox and Hester.

3) Speaking of the slot...

If Hester and Knox are going to be effective against a revamped Eagles secondary, I like their chances better when they're running straight down the field instead of actively working against Asomugha, Samuel or Rogers-Cromartie. Launching them from the slot might help get them open a little better for more big plays in a game that could be a shootout.