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Can We Move The Clocks Forward Instead?: Bears-less NFL Sunday Pre-Party

The week off has allowed Israel Idonije to build up a lot of pent-up frustration and rage.
The week off has allowed Israel Idonije to build up a lot of pent-up frustration and rage.

Did you remember to set your clocks back? If my phone and computer didn't do it automatically, I'm not sure if I'd've remembered, myself. Either way, it's an extra hour to sleep in before a day of NFL football that doesn't include the Bears.

As FanShotted earlier yesterday by Kev, Gabe Carimi has been declared out for tomorrow's game. Apparently that knee injury is still being a pain, no pun intended. 

I don't really have anything witty to add this morning, so the full injury report (for the Eagles) and more Bears-related linkage can be found after the jump.

Click Me for the injury report. There's a lot of names on the list for the Eagles, some important, but most probable. DE Juqua Parker is doubtful with an ankle injury, but Brent Celek is probable with a hip injury; OT King Dunlap and OT Winston Justice are probable with a back and knee injury, respectively; FB Owen Schmitt is probable with a groin injury; and LeSean McCoy was sick earlier this week, but has been removed from the injury report.

Lovie thinks Chris Conte will be up to the challenge. Because nothing says "target" like a rookie free safety.

If Devin Hester is the #1 returner of all time, beware of Jackson as #2.

Matt Bowen breaks down the Eagles' red zone "flood" schemes and how the Bears can beat them.

If you believe in such things, Madden 12's simulation.

Matt Forte says "there's no chance" he'll walk out on the Bears in an effort to force a new contract. Monday's competitor might be able to avoid the same contract limbo. Meanwhile, the "Tale of the tape" between the two.

Anthony Adams has had gout since 2009, and is working to manage it.

The Bears feel optimistic about their O-Line. In other news, grass is green, the Pope is Catholic, and the Packers still suck.

Gameday procedures, the usual open-threads will accompany each tier of games, so if you want to rage about how you have to wait yet another day for the Bears to play, go for it.