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The Bears Den: November 7, 2011

"...where we've got your"

Bears hope to build on success vs. Vick Mayer: The Bears have defeated Michael Vick in four of five all-time meetings. But that doesn't mean they have a magic formula to stop the dynamic Eagles quarterback. DJ Moore profile

 Pompei: Speed at safety position crucial in today's NFL Bears comfortable gambling on young, fast Conte, Wright. Tribune writers pick 'em

Lovie feeling the love Potash: Respect in Chicago has value. But without a championship ring, it has a very short shelf life.

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Monday crucial for Bears' playoff hopes Moon: A win over Philadelphia Monday gives the Bears a tiebreaker advantage over three of the team's closest playoff competitors. A loss, and the Bears are suddenly behind the eight-ball halfway through the season. Bears talk

MNF: Eagles-Bears are familiar opponents AP: The Bears and Eagles might as well be division rivals.

Bears thrilled to have slot machine Bennett back from injury Jensen: Earl Bennett isn’t the Bears’ biggest receiver. He isn’t the Bears’ shiftiest receiver. And he certainly isn’t the Bears’ fastest receiver. But he’s arguably the team’s most reliable receiver.

Hester talks video games Gomez: When 'Duty' calls, it's game on.

Jay Speaks Paula Faris with the Bears QB.

Sunday conversation: Brian Urlacher If you didn't see it yesterday morning on NFL Countdown, here is ESPN's Sunday Conversation with the Bears linebacker. Nuts & Bolts: Bears vs. Eagles

NFP Sunday Rewind Bowen: Eli beats the Patriots, Rodgers lights up the Chargers, Dalton, Sanchez, Julio and more Week 9 talk.

Bears optimistic about O-line Parr: Offensive line coach Mike Tice has helped his unit weather a rough start to the season, and things should improve whenever rookie Carimi returns from injury.

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