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Optimist vs. Pessimist: Pre-Monday Night Game Edition

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Since the Bears play on Monday night, it certainly seems like that has drawn out the bye week, we've now gone through almost two whole weeks of football games since seeing our beloved team take the field. The time off has been great for the Bears, they are finally healthy for the first time in a while, in fact they are so healthy that only Gabe Carimi is listed on the injury report for tonight's game. So I should feel pretty good about the Bears heading into tonight's match but I feel like the bye has messed with my head. I have a Gollum-like schizo thing going, "I think the Bears can winz...NO THE BEARS CAN'TZ WINZ...!" So without further ado I'd like to run down some statements about how I am feeling about the Bears. I call it Optometrist vs. Pessimist, but you can call it as Kev H likes to call it; LostinSTL vs. Duerrwaechter

Optimist: The Bears are coming off their bye, they have been playing better and they can beat the Eagles.

Pessimist: The Bears cannot beat the Eagles. They are getting hot, winning their last two and starting to play like the team many expected.

Optimist: The Bears are healthy and they are getting Earl Bennett back.

Pessimist: So what? You really think the Bears receivers can beat Asomugha, Rodgers-Cromartie and Samuel?

Optimist: Eagles have a bad run defense, Forte can get going and the Bears can dictate the pace of the game.

Pessimist: After giving up 140.2 yards a game through five games they have given up 63.5 yards a game the last two games.

Optimist: Bears offensive line is finally coming together, Carimi will be out but it doesn't matter, they've only given up five sacks the last two games.

Pessimist: Let's see if the Bears can stop Jason Babin, he's fourth in the league with 9 sacks.

Optimist: The Bears under Lovie Smith have never lost to a Vick-led team.

Pessimist: Have they ever beat a Vick-led team with as much talent as this one? Plus the Bears are only 25th in total defense. The Eagles are number one in total offense and rushing offense.

Optimist: The Bears are 11th in rushing defense they can contain McCoy.

Optimist: Bears are 4-1 since 2006 after the bye week.

Pessimist: But they are 4-3 overall under Smith. There is no guarantee they can win this game.


That's all I got, I have to go to work. Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments and which side are you on going into tonight? Optimist or Pessimist. Enjoy the game, I have to work late but hopefully can catch the 2nd half.