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Thoughts From NFL Week 9: Chicago Bears and beyond

Don't look now, but Eli Manning is having his best year ever.
Don't look now, but Eli Manning is having his best year ever.

Week 9 is just about in the books, but there's just a little matter of the Philadelphia Eagles hosting the Chicago Bears left for this evening.  This Monday Night Football game should be played with playoff intensity, and a sense of urgency, because both teams need this game to keep pace in their respective playoff races.  The Giants won again and aren't going anywhere in the NFC East, and the Bears need another wildcard tie breaker to notch their belt with.

1)  I know I may catch Hell for saying this, but I think Pittsburgh and Baltimore are the top rivalry going in the NFL right now.  No teams bring the violence against each other like these two do.

2)  I'm just not buying the Bengals as legit contenders in the AFC.  They've yet to play the above mentioned Steelers and Ravens.

3)  But I am buying the Colts as legit Andrew Luck sweepstakes winners.  That team minus Payton manning is terrible.

4)  I'll admit, I came 'this close' to putting a Tim Tebow photo with this post today.  A hundred yards on the ground and 2 TD passes is getting it done for the Broncos. I love how they've incorporated some of the college style read option stuff for Timmy in Denver.  He'll never be a drop back pocket passer, but if used correctly he can be a winner.

5)  Speaking of winning, does anyone want to win the AFC West?  The last place 3-5 Broncos are in the thick of the race behind three 4-4 teams.

6)  Drew Brees gets most of the national press for the Saints, but if they are running the ball like they did on Sunday that makes their O tough to stop.

7)  Roy Helu, Who?  The rookie running back set the Redskins receptions mark by catching 14 passes.

8)  Statistically speaking the Packers have one of the worst defenses in the NFL.  But if you have Aaron Rodgers directing the offense, I guess it doesn't really matter.

9)  Arizona's Patrick Peterson is gonna be a special player.

10)  I think the Texans have the best 1-2 RB tandem in the NFL.