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2011 Week 9: Monday Night Football -- Bears at Eagles 3rd Quarter Open Thread

The Bears got stalled on a drive, and a big Jeremy Maclin reception allows the Eagles to put three on the board in the second quarter. That would prove to be particularly fortuitous a few moments later.

Peppers went out with a knee, but he came back in and was immediately productive. The Bears came out for a two minute drive, Hester dropped a bomb, Sanzenbacher dropped a pass in the flat, and then Matt Forte fumbled the ball at their own twenty, allowing the Eagles to return it for a TD, and tie the game up with 1:38.

Then, on the return, I believe Brian Iwuh came across the back and ran into Hester's blockers, causing him to get tackled deep in the Bears endzone.

The Bears came out flat for their second 2 minute drill of the quarter, and gave the Eagles the ball back with a minute left in the half, and two timeouts.

Then DeSean Jackson fumbled the punt return, and the Bears got the ball at the ten yard line. They then were unable to convert, then Babin gets a roughing the passer call (with a lot of push from Spencer--bad call), setting the Bears up with 1st and goal.  Marion Barber pushes it in, Gould's kick is good, and the Bears go up 17-10.

The Eagles then didn't do anything with the ball.

I wasn't expecting this much text just to sum up the last 2 minutes of the second quarter.

The Eagles will receive to start the third quarter.