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Bears Overcome Fumbles and Come Back to Defeat Eagles, 30-24

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Wow, was that ever a carnival ride. After coming out fast in the first quarter, holding the ball for over 11 minutes and scoring a touchdown on the opening drive, Matt Forte had two fumbles, one in the second returned for a touchdown that brought the score to even at 10, and one in the third leading to another Eagle touchdown to give them the lead, 24-17. But the Bears kept pushing, scoring a field goal, a touchdown to returning receiver Earl Bennett, and another field goal to close out the scoring.

In the final stanzas, the Bears had to sustain a multi-faceted assault led by LeSean McCoy screens and runs, Jeremy Maclin receptions and drops, and a fake punt on fourth down that would have been a first down, if not a touchdown, had the punter had any sort of accurate arm. But lost in the game was the vaunted Eagles defensive line and pass rush, which was unable to put Jay Cutler on the ground for the first time in over two years.

Quick, victorious numbers after the jump.

Jay Cutler: 18/32, 208 yards, 2 TD - 96.9 rating

Matt Forte: 24 carries, 133 yards, 3 receptions, 17 yards, 2 fumbles lost
Marion Barber: 9 carries, 31 yards, TD; 1 reception, 8 yards
Earl Bennett: 5 receptions, 95 yards, TD
Major Wright: INT, too many whiffs to count
Julius Peppers: Sack, all that is man.

Michael Vick: 21/38, 213 yards, INT; 5 carries, 34 yards

LeSean McCoy: 16 carries, 71 yards, TD; 5 receptions, 46 yards
Brent Celek: 7 receptions, 60 yards
DeSean Jackson: 2 receptions, 16 yards
Sacks: Wait... 0 (ah, that feels good)