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All-Underrated Team: Left Guard - Chris Williams

The sun shines down on Chris Williams this day.
The sun shines down on Chris Williams this day.

What is with this Bizarro World stuff going on right now? Last night the Bears hold the Philadelphia Eagles sackless, and now today a member of their offensive line is receiving some positive press. The Shutdown Corner blog on Yahoo Sports has named their Halfway Point Al-Underrated Team, and a member of the much maligned Bears o-line finds a place on the list.

Former 1st round draft pick Chris Williams, a Jerry Angelo pick, has had an interesting journey so far. Drafted as a left tackle, moved to right tackle, back to left tackle, and now he's settling in at left guard. You can't deny, he's playing some solid football right now.

I know the hope was that he would be a rock at left tackle for 8-10 years, but things change. Not every stand out college left tackle can make the transition to the NFL game. The best college linemen usually play left tackle at their respective schools, that's why so many of them are drafted. Scouts, coaches, and general managers all know that the left tackle skill set can translate to the right side or even guard. Williams may have grown into a good LT, but the situation dictated that he move inside. He just might end up being a LG rock for the next 8-10 years.

Here's what Yahoo said about Williams:

Left Guard: Chris Williams, Chicago Bears

Surprised? So were we that this former bust of a first-round left tackle out of Vanderbilt could become such a great success as a guard, especially in Chicago's offensive line. But watch the way Williams is not only blocking man-on-man, but using his agility to pull right and execute seal blocks on the right edge.