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MF2k Update and Forte Nickname Winner

It burns! Get it off! Get it off!
It burns! Get it off! Get it off!

The Bears traveled to the land of cheesesteaks and Santa haters and came out with a solid victory against the Eagles (no word yet on who greased Forte's gloves). Despite his two fumbles lost, Forte had another great game on the ground, while he only managed three catches for seventeen yards through the air (in part thanks to Bennett's return and great performance). So, how does Forte stack up in his quest for 1,000 receiving and rushing yards through eight games? Hit the jump for the numbers, and to see the official winning nickname from the WCG nickname contest!

After almost 500 votes were tallied, the winner with 36% of the vote was... Matt Forte, no nickname needed. Well crap, that was anti-climatic. "Big Easy" came in second place with 28% of the vote, and the voter tally difference between the first and second choices was 37 votes. So in the end, Forte needs no nickname. We'll tackle some more nickname challenges in the offseason, so keep those mice wheels churning between your ears.

Forte's race to join Roger Craig and Marshall Faulk hit a bit of a snag, and is putting the viability of tracking this historical challenge at great peril. Forte has 805 rushing yards on the season, putting his per-game average at 101, so 1,000 rushing yards should be a foregone conclusion. He's well ahead of the rushing totals through eight games of both Faulk (607) and Craig (456), but his receiving stats have dipped below both. Forte's 436 receiving yards leaves him only averaging fifty-five a game, behind both Faulk and Craig, and well below the 62.5 per-game average he needs to reach the century mark. For perspective, Forte had at least eighty yards receiving in each of his first three games, but hasn't topped forty yards receiving in a game since then, and would need 564 receiving yards the rest of the way (a 70.5 per-game average) to hit 1,000. So, unless the passing game results in more touches for Forte and some much needed yards, MF2k is going the way of Favre (gone, but still hovering on the fringe of relevancy). The stats through eight games are below.


Stats Through 8 games

Average Through 8 games