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The Bears Den: November 9, 2011


"...where we keep our pocket clean."

Smith slowly gaining converts Haugh: It's time the skeptics start to acknowledge the Bears coach has his team in right direction. Thayer's Play of the Week

Bears much different since lackluster loss to Lions Mully: Adjustments have paid off so much they will be favored Sunday.

Moon: Is the Bears defense for real? For three straight games, the Bears defense has answered the bell and risen to the occasion by shutting down their opponents. If they can beat the Lions high-powered offense on Sunday, it may be time to start believing. Latest CSNChicago video

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There was a lot to like in Bears beating of Eagles Pompei: Though there still were some weak areas, the Bears won with toughness and solid coaching. Will it be payback time Sunday for Chris Harris?

Lovie Smith: Coach of the Year? Cross: It’s not about the record, it’s about coaching.

Holmes: Bears Defensive Switch Up Proves Effective The Bears mixed coverages and looks to confuse Michael Vick, but the biggest change was how physical the cornerbacks were allowed to be.

Grizzly Bears and Teddy Bears from the Bears Philly Phun Hendricks: Who stuck out? TWSS.

Five Things We Learned: Bears-Eagles Jeff Dickerson uses all the fingers on one hand. Bears sign G Stephens to practice squad

Free Head Exam: Chicago Bears Kevin Seifert has issues that merit further examination. Three of them. At least.

Tougher Game of Tag Brandt: Five Year, not One Year, Calculation