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The Bears beat the Eagles and it was EPIC: the best of the in-game thread

"Someone bring me a cake, and it better be at least <em>this</em> big!"
"Someone bring me a cake, and it better be at least this big!"

Our Bears went to the City of Brotherly Love to get walked all over by the Dream Team, according to everyone except Ditka, and came away with a magnificent victory that was far, far more lopsided than the scoreline would suggest. How dominant were we? So dominant that, with due respect to the classier fans who came over to chat about the game afterwards, not a single Eagles troll came over to stir up dilf. That's how.

3,200 comments were typed and the best are after the jump...

I missed the pregame stuff due to computer problems. Skimming the pregame thread, that's actually something to be grateful for...
lmfsilva: good lord; for a moment, it appeared [Andy] Reid was not wearing any pants. In the Gruden big man-on-man bus of love.

The man hamster speaks truth.
Lweb23: Predictions: Bears (DITKA). Eagles (Steve Young, Trent Dilfer, Stuart Scott, Carter, Tom Jackson, Boomer)
DaHamsta: Ditka > the rest of them combined

Cutler's fed up of all the talk about his "body language"...
frenchbears113: Cutty's hair is looking kind of feathery

In all honesty, I felt the same way about the T-X.
crackedcactus: Skynet knows where you live.
Steven Schweickert: Hear this, Skynet. [Edit: Self-replicate]. You.
crackedcactus: For all the of the Predator Drones out there... I love you. please don’t hurt me...

Oh, snap!
awfullyquiet: Vick's Arm >>> Cutler's Arm. Vick is a shotgun, Cutler is a Rifle.
JoeCB1991 : Meaning that Vick sprays it all over the place while Jay fits it into small windows?

What he said.
Cutler6fan8: Do you guys like getting the ball first or second?
Steven Schweickert: And third, and fourth... In fact, I like it when we have the ball and they don't.

Do you have TP?
Dils: The O-line is getting it in!!!
Dane Noble: Doesn't that phrase have to do with sexual intercourse?
Allie: Every phrase does if you try hard enough
frenchbears113: Hehe "hard"

Y they no keep it simple?
Steven Schweickert: Ironies. The Big 10 has 12 teams. The Big 12 has 10 teams.

Ain't that the truth?
David in Maine: I'm watching the commercials, just so I can see the Bears game....

Bears fans exhibit great confidence in Martz' playcalling when we're leading late in a game!
FtWayneSoxFan: Time to dial up some 4 wide 7 step drops.
frenchbears113: That's what she said!
JoeCB1991: Giggity

Allll riiiight...
JoeCB1991: Vick is getting pounded
T.Moore: ...giggity

Not sure what this was in reference to. Not sure I want to know, either...
Minds_Eye024: well this looks like a big bad of dicks right here

Just think: he's getting $2,460,000 for this year alone...
Guancous: Roy Williams is not good at catching footballs. Normally this would not be problematic but that is his chosen profession.

Having said that...
Bears-Cubs Bulls: Fine Roy Williams 10 grand every time he drops a pass
lmfsilva: No nononononono. Or else he’ll be playing until his 50s to pay his debts

Don't make me start to wish these guys would get traded away just so we don't have to hear these stupid nicknames any more. Not so worried about having to hear Roy Williams' after this season...
Shuggs: The Earl of Vandy with the TD!!!!
Allie: yeah that nickname gets lamer every time
Spongie: I feel the same way about the "Good as Gould" thing… Every. Single. Time.
Allie: but most nicknames feel forced
northernsails: so...what do you prefer?
Spongie: "Earl Bennett" and "Robbie Gould" work pretty well for me, thanks.
Allie: You really are my long lost brother aren't you?

He's the Mini-Me of our defense... if only Smudgers was still around, he could photoshop that for us!
Steven Schweickert: DJ Moore, y u no catch interception?
Steve von Horn: In Vick’s defense, DJ Moore was WIDE OPEN

The Eagles' rookie punter was a high school QB, apparently.
Allie: I have little girly hands and no depth perception and I prolly could’ve made that one.
Spongie: …Rex? Is that you?
Allie: My eyebrows are sadly not that fantastic

High praise, indeed!
Hugh Heavens: Louis and the line is beasting today
Steve von Horn: I think Lance Louis is moving above mini Kit Kat bars on the list of things I like

How to stop the Eagles' last-gasp comeback?
dicksingletary: Someone distract Andy Reid. Throw some candy at his feet
lmfsilva: his feet? I doubt he could see them.

4th and FAIL !!!
MPG: denied! sort of! More like forfeit accepted!

Are we still talking about Andy Reid?
Ortons Neckbeard: Amazing how good Jay looks when he doesn't have an angry fat guy sitting on his head.

Schadenfreude is delicious.
fanoftheunderdogs: The Eagles blog is self-destructing right now. It's like watching MTV, only with more swearing and more "yo mama" insults.

Best comment of the night:
Steve von Horn : If Major Wright and Brandon Meriweather tried to tackle each other, what would happen?
MPG: nothing. they'd miss.

Next up: rematch with the Lions. We're on the up and it's at Soldier Field. See you in the in-game threads!