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Chicago Bears Sackwatch 2011; Week 12 vs. Oakland Raiders

The 2011 Sackwatch took a hit this week, as expected, with the inexperienced Caleb Hanie at quarterback. It was something we talked about last time out, that the young QBs tend to take a few sacks that they don't need to. The good news is that Hanie showed flashes of good pocket presence, and his ability to scramble out of harms way should help him out the next few weeks filling in for Jay Cutler. He just needs some experience, and playing at home should help his confidence out this week.

On to the Sackwatch!


Sack 24 - 1st Quarter 2:01 - Rolando McClain
On a 2nd and 7 from the Raider 35, Hanie is dropped for an eight yard loss. In case you didn't pick up on the bold italics that is my sarcasm font for the day. Hanie rolled to his right then threw the ball out of bounds, but the ref that was standing just a few short yards away from him didn't see that he was in bounds, and Hanie was ruled out of bounds. For some reason the play couldn't be challenged. The Raiders blitzed one and brought 5, and the Bears did OK picking it up the blitz. It was pressure up the gut that forced his scramble. This sack is one of those that you can't pin blame on.

Sack 25 - 2nd Quarter 2:44 - Richard Seymour
This time the Bears had a 1st and 10 from the Raiders 35, after the big return by Johnny Knox. On the snap Hanie had about 3 seconds before he pumped the ball, then he tucked it and tried to run up the middle. The official stat sheet says a sack for 0 yards, but come on, give the kid an inch gain and call it a rushing attempt. He had a good pocket to throw from, but he thought he could pick up some yards running. This is another sack that I really can't credit to a Bears lineman. Hanie ran up and into the sack.

Sack 26 - 3rd Quarter 9:52 - Tyvon Branch
The Bears tried a playaction pass on a 2nd and 10, and the Raiders were bringing 6 players, with an overload blitz on Chicago's left side. They brought an OLB that was picked up by Matt Spaeth, who stayed in to block next to J'Marcus Webb, and then Branch came wide on that same side. Branch came just wide enough that his blitz was disguised, and he was unblocked. It was the right play by the Raiders against the play that Mike Martz called. These things happen. Hanie nearly avoided the sack at first, but Branch stuck with it. This is yet another sack that you can't place direct blame on any Bears linemen.

Sack 27 - 3rd Quarter 6:01 - Kamerion Wimbley
The Bears were deep in their own end yet again, and they had a 3rd and 10 from their own 17. They wanted to move the pocket to the right, but Raider DT Tommy Kelly split Chris Spencer and Roberto Garza with a suddenness that saw him stop Hanie's roll out. Hanie was forced to step up and he ran too close to the Matt Forte block on Wimbley. Outside linebacker Wimbley, who was lined up at right DE, saw Hanie moving up and he shed the Forte block. Technically Forte's guy made the stop, but this sack was caused by the pressure through the A gap from Kelly.

Last year the Bears also gave up 4 sacks, to the Philadelphia Eagles, so the pace remains the same. They're still well under last seasons sack total.

Sackwatch after 11 games
2010 - 41
2011 - 27