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Three Keys Against The Broncos: Defense

1) Stay Disciplined In Coverage

Tim Tebow has ten freaking passing touchdowns on the year to one interception. I know I made a big deal out of it in this week's PTMY, but, um, yeah, it is. Part of that is when Tebow starts running around in the backfield, the cornerbacks and safeties have tended to be lax on coverages. And Eric Decker has been quite the beneficiary of this. The Bears cannot allow receivers to get open in these instances because, yes, even Tim Freaking Tebow can hit a wide open target with a dying duck of a pass.

2) Pressure Isn't Enough

With a player like Tim Tebow, it's not going to be enough to flush him from the pocket, especially given point one. Fortunately, the Bears have more speed on defense than most defenses in the league. Julius Peppers is one of the fastest defensive ends in pursuit, and Brian Urlacher's often been used in spy situations against Michael Vick. Tebow may be built like a linebacker, but I'm not sure he can outrun the Bears' linebackers. Bring him down so he can't make a throw over the top of a charging linebacker or run-supporting safety.

3) Bring Steltz in Run Support

Major Wright being out tomorrow may not be the worst thing with Craig Steltz starting, and I'm sure you never thought you'd hear me say that. Steltz doesn't have the speed Wright does, but he's a surer tackler and will play strong in run support, especially in Cover 1 situations where Chris Conte plays "centerfield." I'd be expecting lots of these Cover 1 looks with Tillman and Jennings sticking to their targets like glue.