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Thoughts From NFL Week 14: Chicago Bears and beyond

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I promised win or lose I wouldn't put a Tim Tebow picture up on my Thoughts post this week. Hopefully Chicago Bears fans are OK with my choice this time out. Aaron Rodgers, who is on his way to the league MVP, and the Packers are going to steamroll their way to an undefeated season and another Super Bowl title. Think about this for a second, there's a generation of Packers fans that will only have first hand recollection of the incredibly entertaining Brett Favre era followed by the probably even better Aaron Rodgers era. An embarrassment of riches for a fan base.

1) As much of a slam dunk I think the Packers are for finishing up 16-0, I think the Colts are just as likely to go 0-16. There are some winnable games in their remaining 3 of Tennessee, Houston, and Jacksonville, but the team seems to be resigned to their winless fate.

2) The only team with a chance to trip up the Pack may be the 2nd hottest team in the AFC, the Denver Broncos. Their confidence is building, and if they find a way to beat the Patriots this week, then even their most steadfast critics will have to subside. They have great veteran leadership on the defensive side of the ball, an out of this world kicker, and an offense that finds a way to win the close ones.

3) And who is the hottest team in the AFC you may ask... That would be the Houston Texans, winners of 7 straight and the AFC South, but I think they may be a one and done in the playoffs.

4) What a weird way for the Cowboys to lose, a week after icing their own kicker the Giants try the pre-FG time out and it leads to a blocked kick.

5) Was Todd Haley the problem in Kansas City? Hard to coach around the loss of your QB and RB. They must have a high profile coach in mind for the 2012 season. Is this a name that could be in the Bears O.C. mix if Mike Martz is gone?

6) Did anyone see the Buccaneers fall from grace coming? I know at least one person that did; just take a gander at #16 and disregard most of those other silly predictions....

7) Whether you like him or hate him, you have to respect the game from Ben Roethlisberger.

8) If there's a QB controversy on a 2 win team will anyone even notice? Joe Webb came in and performed nicely for the Vikings.

9) Last week every team with NFC wildcard aspirations lost, this week they all won except the Bears.

10) With as bad as the Chicago offense has been, and with as bad as it will continue to be, I looked up the NFL record for most punts in a game to see if the 2011 Bears will have a shot at it. Did you know, the Bears hold the record for most punts in a game with 17.