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Maybe that Ditkaawful "Barbearian" nickname will be given a rest now? The best of the Bears-Broncos in-game thread.

Well, at least someone (i.e. Dane) was happy on Sunday, however briefly!
Well, at least someone (i.e. Dane) was happy on Sunday, however briefly!

Well, that result was worse than the "REWind" nickname for Roy Williams (seriously, when it's late in the season and nobody's taken it up, it's not because they don't see it when the same person trots it out Every. Single. Time. It's because it's lamer than Sean Payton on crutches and sucks worse than Marion Barber's situation awareness.). There were still a few laughs to be had from the in-game thread, though. Jump to see...

In an infinite number of universes, everything is possible. We appear to have found evidence for quantum theory.
Steven Schweickert: Madden Ultimate team, I pulled a Dan Orlovsky fantasy edition 90 rating. Explain to me how, in any universe, Dan Orlovsky is a 90 in Madden.

All your memes are belong to us.
whoyouthoughtiwas: for great justice. They are on the way to destruction.
Steven Schweickert: WHAT YOU SAY!

Should've gone to that site and stayed there.
TheotherDane: The usual sources haven't twittered a game link....
Allie: let me google that for you
Spongie: Hey, there's a "feed the bears" game at!

I might have been AFK at this point. What was this about, an advert?
a biscuit shy: "comin down on the crack" twss
Allie: find her a towel you jerkface

This juicebox speaks truth.
LostInSTL: Let's see the offense do... ANYTHING!!!!!!
BearNecessities: we see them go 3 and out a lot

It's worse than that, it's physics, Jim.
BearNecessities: ARE YOU [Edit: Higgs boson]ING SERIOUS! tim tebow moves slower than stephen hawking

Poor Hanie.
gafferland: this joke was so terrible that the typo doesn’t matter. I’m like the Caleb Hanie of humor today.

For their sake, I hope this was the case.
GentlemanJack: Tebow drinking game is in full effect in my house. Anytime the announcers have to say his first and last name or mention him unnecessarily = drink.
BOBdaBEAR: hospital on speed dial?

The mental image of a fat ninja amuses me beyond all reason.
gafferland: How come no popular depictions of Santa even show him with soot on his suit
whoyouthoughtiwas: who has chimneys anymore?
gafferland: Enough that after a whole night of present-leaving he should be looking like a fat ninja
Steven Schweickert: Things we think about when the game sucks!

Not even ECD has ECDS any more.
BearNecessities: bears start on the 19, wanna guess how this drive ends?
BearNecessities: anyone not drinking wanna guess?
BOBdaBEAR: i don’t drink! I just have ECDS

The pride and joy of Illinois?
VegasCubFan: You're the pride and joy of Illinois, Chicago Bears, bear down!!!! Except you Caleb Hanie!

Frenchbears113 gets back from picking up his girlfriend at the airport, the Bears score. Coincidence?
Spongie: Clearly, Frenchbears should drive his gf out to the airport and back again.
frenchbears113: I was actually just thinking that
BearNecessities: looks like you'll be busy on christmas night
Spongie: Knock her out with some booze and load her in the car, then tell her she partied too hard the next day. It’ll be grand.
frenchbears113: I'm pretty sure that was how our first date went

A few thoughts from NotJayCutler.
NotJayCutler: I hope one of the 12 bastard kids that Gronkowski will eventually have is drafted by the Bears.
NotJayCutler: No score? Sounds like date night with Tim Tebow.
NotJayCutler: Tim Tebow's secret? Morning after pills.

There may have been some wisecracks in the overtime thread but I doubt it, and I'm not about to trawl through the epic level of meatheaded whining that was kicking off in there after the game.

The season may be circling the drain but we still have the Seahawks on Sunday and there'll be the usual thread to mess about in. Win or lose, let's try to keep it in perspective: it's still only a game and if this loss was your worst experience of the past week, you're pretty damned lucky. See you Sunday.