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Chicago Bears Sackwatch 2011; Week 14 vs. Denver Broncos

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Four more sacks added to the Sackwatch for 2011, and after three consecutive Chicago Bears loses I'm just not in the mood for any opening paragraph chit chat. I'm cutting right to the chase this week. In last year's week 14 tilt the Bears were embarrassed by the Patriots 36-7 in the Soldier Field snow (I tried to displace that memory), but they only allowed 2 N.E. sacks which bring the totals up to...

Sackwatch after 13 games
2010 - 47
2011 - 38

Sack 35 - 1st Quarter 7:58 - D.J. Williams
It didn't take long for me to realize I'd have a detailed Sackwatch post to write this week. On Chicago's 2nd possession and 7th offensive play Caleb Hanie was sacked. Williams timed his blitz perfectly. He came through the Bears right A gap, between center Roberto Garza and guard Chris Spencer. Garza and Spencer both had a down lineman over them, and right tackle Lance Louis had a wide defensive end to pick up. Marion Barber was left to get the blitzer, and this sack is on him. To be fair, it's a real tough block for him to make, as he was lined up 7 yards deep in an I formation. Barber had to come up while avoiding the dropping back QB and make the block. Had Barber been lined up offset it would have been a much easier angle. Barber lunged at Williams and it wasn't enough. Had the Bears spied the blitz, they could have squeezed down protection, meaning that Spencer would slide to the A gap to pick up the blitz, and Barber would have to cut off either the DT, or if Louis slid down to the DT, the back would be left with the DE. A good call by Denver, and even better execution by Williams.

Sack 36 - 2nd Quarter 6:16 - D.J. Williams
The Bears had a 3rd and 7 from their own 23 when Williams picked up his 2nd sack. The Bears went max protect and only sent 3 receivers out on the play, and it was good coverage that led to the sack. Williams started up lined over the Bears left side, then on the snap he looped around to the right side, he picked a gap and was relentless working through some bodies to find Hanie. A quick tangent, that Williams is a heck of a player, as is the guy that picked up the next sack.

Sackwatchcutler_medium Sack 37 - 3rd Quarter 11:37 - Von MIller
Von Miller is a high motor guy with skills, and I see what all the hype is about for his talent. He got to Hanie for an 8 yard loss on this sack, which falls squarely on Louis, as Miller was his responsibility, and he chose to attempt a cut block. I don't like when offensive tackles try to cut guy's coming off the edge, especially outside linebackers. Miller was just too athletic to get cut down, he simply avoided the block and pursued Hanie. Daryl "Moose" Johnston on the FOX broadcast mentioned that Hanie held onto the ball too long and I agree, the ball should have some out or Hanie should have took off.

Sack 38 - 3rd Quarter 1:29 - Elvis Dumervil
This was the 1st down and 24 after that silly Devin Hester facemask penalty. The Bears just took a timeout, and they came out in a double tight, 2 WR set, with Kahlil Bell motioning wide left to leave Hanie in an empty backfield. Left tackle J'Marcus Webb stopped Dumervil's initial up field rush, but the he got to far in front of his feet and Dumervil ducked inside for the sack. Webb has to maintain his balance with his arms extended and stop overextending. If Webb keeps his feet, he can slide in with the move and be set up to force the defender back outside.

This series is much more fun to do when re-watching Chicago victories...