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The Bears Den: December 15, 2011

"...where shot-putting the ball would be totally acceptable."

Angelo: Bears must move on from loss In his weekly Q&A with, GM Jerry Angelo talks about moving on after last Sunday's devastating loss in Denver, Caleb Hanie and more. Joniak's Keys to the Game

Cutler says doctor happy with progress Mayer: During a radio appearance Wednesday, Bears quarterback Jay Cutler discussed his recovery from thumb surgery and the chances he'll play Dec, 25 in Green Bay, Playoff Picture

Bears need to find confidence and production on offense Biggs: Martz suggests he'll open up playbook to help Hanie.

Follow WCG on Twitter: Bring your pins...and needles.

Barber could pay price for his silence McClure: NFL likely to fine the silent but deadly one. Reader Q&A: Dan Pompei's Bears mailbag

Spencer fit: Tough enough after all Moon: Chris Spencer had to overcome a certain reputation as a center and is proving himself as a guard while the Bears have two lineman technically playing opposite positions. Latest Bears Video: Lovie, Martz, more...

Lombardi: Cutler Could Have Been MVP WSCR: Any doubts of what Jay Cutler meant to the Bears have been erased over the last three weeks.

Cutler still has much to prove on the field Isaacson: Jay Cutler's value is obvious. But let him prove his legend on the field. Four Downs: Angelo's biggest blunder?

Bears hope to get Bennett back in the mix Dickerson: Earl Bennett's recent struggles haven't helped the Bears' offense.

Tebow's latest fourth-quarter comeback doesn't impress Bears Marvez: Chicago’s top three defensive players showed scant respect for the opposing quarterback who had just beaten them. So it goes when you’ve gotten Teblowed.

Embrace Your Brand Bechta: The building blocks of a successful brand.

Jigsaw Falling Into Place: