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2011 Week 15: Pre-Game Open Thread

Chalk this up to something you won't see this week: Sam Hurd.

Yes, by now most of you have heard the unsettling news that Sam Hurd is reportedly the Pablo Escobar of the Chicago Bears. As such, he was deftly terminated by the team.

Beyond that, the Bears now don't control their own destiny, because they wet the bed against Tebow, it could be a long day again on offense as Caleb Hanie goes up against a hard-hitting Seahawks defense, and, well, you know the rest.

There's some stuff after the jump.

Some news:

Chicago Bears know their backs are against the wall today - Rockford, IL - Rockford Register Star - And it's entirely their fault. Which I'm sure is comforting.

To return, Chicago Bears' Matt Forte (knee) aiming for 100 percent - ESPN Chicago - Why not, right?

Henry Melton: Henry Melton likely out for Sunday - - Interesting note--for some reason, the Trib always puts the guy's name, and then it's almost always the first words of the article title, so you get Henry Melton: Henry Melton.

Video: Watch Jesus visit Tim Tebow on SNL - I LOL'd.

Battered Bears Face Another Test In Streaking Seahawks | Fox News - Don't be surprised if it's tallied a loss, kids.

Obligatory Semi-Related Song

Amusing Image: