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Notes, Scribbles, and Things Jotted Down: Week 15, Seahawks Edition

Son, Urlacher is disappoint.
Son, Urlacher is disappoint.

  • Starting off with the Caleb Hanie thing. I just don't know what to think, and I'm glad I'm not in the position to have to manage him. He's shown some decent flashes - running the football, he was solid, made some decent time on the touchdown throw to Kahlil Bell - but his mistakes were as mind-numbing as usual. None of his three interceptions really should have been thrown. On the first one, he had Bennett in the flat and he could have gotten it to Davis sooner, instead of waiting to air it out into double coverage. On the second... Red Bryant was the only guy around. Hanie would have either had to throw it into the ground or throw it far out of bounds, or take it down for a sack. Instead, he tried to wing a throw out there and it was caught. No chance on the Browner interception either.
  • Tim Jennings was benched, after we finally thought we had a decent CB2, and was benched for good reason. The deep pass play to Obomanu in the third quarter was squarely on Jennings. The Bears were in Cover 1 (Steltz came up) and Brandon Meriweather was alone in the middle of the field. Jennings can't let his receiver get past him that easily, especially to the outside - Obomanu gets that release, and it doesn't get much easier for Jackson to hit him.
  • The Johnny Knox injury is a rough blow in and of itself, and we wish him nothing but the best in his recovery. From a football standpoint, however, it leaves the team in a bit of a hole. Hurd is gone, Hester was already being scaled back, and now Knox is gone. That leaves Roy Williams, Dane Sanzenbacher, and Earl Bennett, plus about half of Hester. So with two games to go, do the Bears look at Kris Adams from the Minnesota practice squad to fill the blank? Who would you guys like to see the Bears go after?

  • So where does Barber stand with the team? He was scaled back pretty harsh - only eleven touches, compared to Kahlil Bell's 15 carries and another five catches.
  • Beast Mode was held in check anywhere but the two-yard-line. 42 yards on 20 carries (2.1 YPC) but two touchdowns.
  • Tarvaris Jackson... Ugh. I look at his statline and I wonder how the hell he got to 19/31 for 227 yards and a TD, cause I thought he played a lot worse than that.
  • Craig Steltz had another good game. Do the Bears consider starting Steltz/Wright next week if Major's healthy? Meriweather still doesn't quite know what he's doing back there, in my opinion.
  • Corey Graham's leverage penalty was legit. You can't effectively get a boost from your own players. Just because it doesn't get called doesn't mean it shouldn't be done, even if he did it accidentally.
  • And then Graham downs the next punt inside the five.
  • The Bears had five different kick returners. Can someone explain to me Bell, Knox, Hester, Clutts and Spaeth each getting one?
  • Also on returns, Bennett went from laying Jon Ryan out on a punt last year to returning one for 7 yards.
  • Julius Peppers is all that is man. Let us leave it at that. Kept Jackson off balance much of the game.
  • So I could understand Brandon Meriweather missing a tackle. And Jennings didn't have a good game. But how does Peanut not make the cleanup tackle that Jennings messed up on Golden Tate?
  • Dane Sanzenbacher had three tackles. There is something wrong with that picture.
  • There are a couple things I like about Hanie's game - like Cutler, I love the ability to extend plays. But the touchdown he threw was waiting for Bell to come open coming back to his side of the field. A receiver helping out his quarterback is something we haven't been used to lately.
  • Roy Williams had a catch? Didn't notice.
  • Tight end Zach Miller was held out of the end zone, yet still had four receptions for... wait, only 23 yards?!
  • Third downs: SEA 6-16 / CHI 3-10
    Penalties: SEA 6-36 / CHI 5-45
  • The Bears had five turnovers, entirely too many. Reminder, guys, giving the football away is NOT conducive to winning games.
  • You'll enjoy this one. Red zone opportunities: SEA 3-4 / CHI 0-0 - That's right, the Bears didn't even sniff the red zone.
  • Time of Possession: SEA 31:37 / CHI 28:23

That's all I've got. What did you see?