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Thoughts From NFL Week 15: Chicago Bears and beyond

You can't see me?
You can't see me?

Two weeks remain in the 2011 NFL season, and the playoff combatants are just about finalized. The NFC looks to be all but determined, but the AFC has some wiggle room for a few teams. Here's a couple things I really didn't see coming, the Packers finally lost and the Colts finally won. But as we've talked about all year, the NFL is such a week to week league. I'd hate to have to earn my living picking games.

1) How soon til Ortonmania sweeps Kansas City? All kidding aside, I've always liked Kyle Orton, I'd like to see him latch on somewhere and grow some roots.

2) The Colts better watch out, they may creep out of the Andrew Luck sweepstakes? The 2 win Rams and Vikings are right on their heels now!

3) Did I really see Denver fans proclaiming Tim Tebow better than John Elway? Tebow Time has officially jumped the Shark.

4) A good comeback by the Lions, I may despise their dirty play and their fist pumping head coach, but they've amassed a lot of talent in Detroit.

5) Sticking with the Lions, I can't be the only one that noticed this resemblance?



6) Oh look, the Eagles are on a winning streak. Yay Philly... Go Dream Team...

7) And what do you know, the Chargers have put up 3 W's in a row. Will their ownership finally grow tired of the team having to rally to some late season wins under Norv Turner? I think it's time for a change in San Diego.

8) Drew Brees is back to putting up Madden numbers, 412 yards and 5 TDs. Are the Saints, winners

9) Pittsburgh at San Francisco for Monday Night Football, finally a watchable game!

10) Chicago's Caleb Hanie may not only have played his way out of a job, he may have played his way out of the league. When you're pulled for a guy that was coaching high school football about a month ago, it's time to start thinking about putting that Colorado State education to the test.