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Press Coverage: Quotes from Bears HC Lovie Smith a day after loss to Seahawks

Special thanks to Zach Zaidman for providing the coverage of Lovie Smith's press conference through his twitter feed. Below are some quotes...

- Lovie Smith: "Our passing game kind of failed us yesterday."

- Lovie Smith says Knox is out for the rest of the season

- Lovie Smith says Chris Conte has a foot sprain

- Lovie Smith says the Bears must find solutions quickly

- Lovie Smith says the Bears are not talking about the playoffs anymore, just about getting their 8th win

- Lovie Smith says Johnny Knox's surgery is not complete yet

- Lovie Smith: "Right now, Caleb Hanie is our starting quarterback."

- Lovie Smith: "Right now, we're disappointed in our quarterback play."

- Lovie Smith says the fact the Bears have not been eliminated should be enough motivation at this point

- Lovie Smith on Devin Hester: "Devin is trying to work through some pain."

- Lovie Smith: "I think you can still win by being able to run the football and having ball security on the offensive side."


Others have tweeted that Lovie is only stating that Hanie is currently starting at QB, but would not divulge who would be starting next week against Green Bay.

Hopefully we will hear soon about Johnny Knox's surgery...