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We really miss Jay Cutler: the best of the Bears-Seahawks in-game thread

I got distracted by a roast chicken dinner in the second quarter and the game was going further and further downhill every time I glanced at the screen. What did you make of it? Jump to find out...

I suspect we were all thinking those three words by the end.
Steven Schweickert: Listed directly above the Bears game in my channel guide is "Just Shoot Me" on WMAQ. Today’s announcing crew looks like it is Sam Rosen and Tim Ryan. How apropos.

WCG: where we think outside of the box.
Dils: Someone needs to explain to me what good does being under center without a back in the backfield does. I’m lost.
torch: The QB has to do something while the routes develop. Dropping back gives him something to do

True, alas.
ECD: Has Jay Cutler stolen Hanie's equipment and snuck into the game?
Shuggs: Nah its him, he just overthrew a receiver

Understandable befuddlement.
Steven Schweickert: Timeout, Chicago. Team having a hard time understanding minor offensive success.

Understandable befuddlement, part 2.
splateaux: I’m confused… Why did the Bears just get 7 points for the field goal by Gould?

Allie: who gets the ball to start the second half?
iowaBear: Seahawks. We had a wonderful 3 and out to start the game

Oh, if only it'd stayed at 14-7.
gafferland: Hey dudes. What’d I miss? 14-7 Bears. WOOOO! … oh.

When game threads get philosophical...
gafferland: I'm watching this with a serenity I never had in past weeks. I feel like how I’d feel if I was on a plane and the captain came on and said we were going down. Why panic? What good does it do? I’d just smoke a cigarette and quietly reflect on my life.
Steven Schweickert: Can't smoke on a plane.
Allie: what are they gonna do? kill you?

What Women Think 2: WCG 4th quarter girltalk:
Allie: oh and look the fuglyest piece of jewlrey ever. seriously, if my hypothetical husband ever blows a mortgage payment on something so hideous, it's gonna be very very bad.
juperee: If mine gets me something designed by Jane Seymour, i'll know he's asking for a divorce. Not that i’m knocking her as an actress or even a philanthropist, but, damn, that Open Hearts piece of crap looks like a woman with a big rack and an even bigger butt. And not in a Phat way.

A nice summary of the past month.
Dils: We just watched Caleb Hanie piss away a playoff season against some of the worst teams in the league. I’m honestly amazed

We always have the draft to look forward to!
crackedcactus: so with the 15th pick of the draft, who we get?
Shuggs: No one that will matter.
Beer Down!: typical bears draft

Seems quite a reasonable reason for a change at QB.
a biscuit shy: Ok, done with hanie and this offense. put in enderle or mccown so we at least have a different pile of shit to look at.

If we have to watch the Bears fail, we may as well be entertained!
Beer Down!: I think watching hester run the wildcat would give us a better chance and more entertaining
crackedcactus: Not while Hester is injured. Put Iron Hands Williams in the wildcat. I want to see him get tackled

I don't think that's what ECD meant...
ECD: Somebody get Hanie out of there!
Allie: the Seahawks are trying but Martz isn’t known for taking mercy on his qbs

Share the pain.
awfullyquiet: I just tuned in... What did I miss? Hanie looking like the future of our Franchise? Our o-line scoring some victories? Our defense playing strong through 3 quarters?
Steven Schweickert: ... You all want to tell her, or should I?
David in Maine: I'm not going tell her.....
Allie: go for it. i can’t do it without swearing

Yup. Hanie's play has been so bad that we're looking back with envy.
juperee: When Lovie said "Caleb is our quarterback" last week, i wanted to throw up. It reminded me of the "good Rex, bad Rex" days, except without any Good days.

OK, 'fess up: who hacked ECD's account?
ECD: Caleb Hanie has lost us the season. Go [Edit: make sweaty love to] yourself Caleb Hanie. None of that "heroism" from the NFCCG matters anymore cause you’ve bitched numerous times about getting your chance. You’ve had your chance and BLEW it.

NotJayCutler had a couple of nuggets to share:
NotJayCutler: The key to Hanie's success is to keep promising him handjobs.
NotJayCutler: Man, I hope Matt Hasselbeck doesn't lose any hair over losing to the Colts.

Well, there you have it: 7-7 and the fat lady is most definitely warming up. Who's around for the Packers on Dec 25th? Don't eat too much turkey (there's something in it that promotes sleep, apparently) and we'll see you there.