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The McCaskey Family Approval Rating: December 2011 Edition

From time to time we throw these approval rating polls at you guys to gauge the pulse of the fans. This time we're going in a different direction, we don't want to know how you feel about Lovie Smith, Mike Martz, or any of the coaching staff. We're not concerned with your feelings of the players. This time we're going straight to the top. The Ownership. A wise man once said, "Management is only as good as ownership", so take the jump, and vote in the poll.

The McCaskey family has control of 80% of the franchise, and the franchise is worth upwards of a billion dollars. The family always finds themselves in the bottom of the ownership rankings, but how much stock you put into those ratings are up to you. Michael McCaskey passed the torch of Chairman to his younger brother George just this year, so the jury's still out on him. But the family has been in control for a long time now.

Is one Super Bowl title enough for such a storied franchise? Shouldn't they be in the championship mix more often? Here's the poll, and you can spin the question into what ever direction you like, but... Do you approve of the job the McCaskey family is doing with the Bears?

For those of you expecting the Sackwatch post at this time, I'll drop that tomorrow for your reading pleasure.