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Chicago Bears Sleeper of the Week: WR Roy Williams

There are very few things that the Packers are not doing well this season, but one of them is locking down opponents' passing games. Their passing defense is ranked 31st in the league, giving up almost 290 yards per game through the air. Only New England (297 yards/ game) gives up more.

Luckily for the Pack, they face an offense this week that has been decimated by injury, led by either Josh McCown, Luke McCown or Cade McNown. We're not really sure which, but it probably doesn't matter either way.

With that being said, we have to pick a sleeper player, and everyone else on the roster is injured, so we're going with WR Roy Williams. If either of the McCowns or McNown can get into some sort of rhythm, and Williams sprays some aerosol Gorilla Glue on his gloves before the game, we could see a few fireworks here and there. Will it be good enough to keep pace with Aaron Rodgers and Company? Well, stranger things have happened in the NFL.

Come on, Roy, we're picking you this week. Go do something fun.