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Three Keys Against The Packers: Offense

Yes, I'm going to try to do this post with a straight face.

1) Base the Game Plan Around Kahlil Bell

I wish I could say I was joking. Josh McCown becomes the third quarterback to start for the Bears this season, and Kahlil Bell becomes the third running back. There's two noticeable differences here - one, Bell was on the roster to start the year, and two, he's closer to what Forte would give the offense than McCown to Cutler. The Bears should lean more on their ground game this week against a defense looking to tee off on a quarterback who just showed up last month.

2) Limit Turnovers

The primary problem with the Hanie regime was that the ball kept ending up in the other team's hand too quickly, whether it be a interception or a three and out. So for the McCown regime, the first campaign promise that has to be made is "No New Turnovers." If the coaching staff feels like McCown is better equipped to start, there better be fewer interceptions and more first downs, instead of seeing disgusting stuff like a sub-10% 3rd down conversion rate.

3) A Devin Hester Return-to-Form

The offense hasn't exactly shown anything resembling Packer-level, Patriot-level or even Viking-level consistency since Cutler and Forte went down, and points have come about as easily as... I don't have anything here that is safe for publishing, but it's been bad. So, Superman has to come through in a way that he hasn't in this stretch. When the offense sputters like it has, defense and special teams have to step up. So far, the defense has, but the special teams has looked miserable. That must change.