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Out With A Bang: Week 16, Bears At Packers Pre-Party Open Thread

Hugs all around!
Hugs all around!

So yesterday, in defeating the Chargers, the Lions put one nail in the coffin of the Bears' playoff chances by waxing the Chargers and securing their first playoff spot of the century. The Falcons can put the other nail in by beating the Saints on Monday Night Football.

But until then, the Bears are still mathematically in this, and as we know all too well, anything can happen. So if the Bears have to exit the playoff chase tomorrow, might as well make it worth it tonight. And they can do that against a 13-1 Packers team coming off its first loss of the season and without Greg Jennings.

The Bears' offense puts Josh McCown on the field as the starting quarterbacks, over benched and ineffective interim starter Caleb Hanie. Hey, remember when the Bears were putting up about 27 points per game with Cutler and Forte on the field? Seems like so long ago, back when the Bears were in full control of their playoff destinies.

Game related linkage and other stuff after the jump.

Matt Bowen thinks the Packers will attack Urlacher deep. In other words, standard operating procedure.

Here is your daily dose of "IT IS ALL MIKE MARTZ'S FAULT RABBLE RABBLE" [Two Links]

The Chicago Sun-Times game preview.

Worried about the offense? Josh McCown understands your pain.

ESPNChicago's own Game Preview.

I'll keep this shorter than usual, because even though typing this on an iPad isn't as bad as I thought, linking is a pain and I have crashed Photon three times already. So throw up whatever other linkage you guys find interesting, and for the love of Ditka put up the "Packers Still Suck" picture - it isn't Bears/Packers without it. Also, there's something about a bouncing ball and Lakers and Bulls?

Other procedural stuff, the first game thread will pop at game time, each quarter will come up as the game progresses. This is your preparty thread until then, so behave yourselves. Recap will be up after the game, if a bit delayed.

Now with the propers out of the way... BEAR DOWN!!

(Also lack of video due to technical difficulties. Blame Christmas.)