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Well, there went the post-season: the best of the Bears' loss to the Packers in-game thread

Well, what's there to say? The non-NFL-following girlfriend surprised me with a Bears mug for Xmas, though, so the 25th wasn't a complete washout (they're not exactly available on the high street over here). I'll share with you with a story I posted in the in-game thread which might raise a chuckle; hit the jump to see what else people were coming up with.

The brother (also a Bears fan) was in Florida last week, watching the Packers game with the cheese-supporting husband of the friend he was visiting. The husband yells "C’mon coon!" at the TV and my brother’s thinking "Um…" until the husband explains there’s a guy on the Packers called Kuhn (and he’s white)…

The 2nd quarter thread went up at the same time as the first quarter one. It's like space and time were warped...
iowaBear: Kev - if you've posted this already you've got to tell us from your perch in the future, how’s the 1st Qtr end? Are we up? Down? Did Hester take it to the house? Did our newest QB DOMINATE the Pack D?
Kev H: Shut up. I'm in a completely different time zone than I normally am. Also, you're banned.

emdub: I'm surprised Tillman is sitting so close to his daughters on the couch. I just assumed he gave everyone at least 20 yards.

True, alas.
Ravens One: A pick would great right now
BearNecessities: you aren’t familiar with bears defense in a 2 min drill

I wouldn't mind seeing that...
lmfsilva: Dragon time ?
crackedcactus: As in Dragon attacks the field and eats Aaron Rodgers? Cause that would be great.
Allie: if you can wrestle skyrim away from my dad, go for it.

Seems plausible.
torch: The only reason Hester is still out there is because Urlacher is next on the depth chart for PR

This made me chuckle. Sometimes things are so ghastly that it's all you can do.
BearNecessities: How many TDs on bowmans wr does it take before he goes away?
iowaBear: Well, to be fair, it’s been a different receiver every time. They are equal opportunity Bowman-exploiters

Curse those Packers!
lmfsilva: are they letting Roy catch balls on purpose to see if he stays here?

Harsh. But funny.
David in Maine: Not_CalebHanie: I just threw up my Christmas Ham… aannnd it was intercepted.

In a way, this would be better than mere incompetence in the coaching staff...
Timothy Hockemeyer: At first I thought Jennings must have done something dishonorable with Lovie's daughter. But then I remembered that Lovie has three sons. Maybe Jennings did something dishonorable to one of Lovie’s lackies? Did Jennings boink Martz or something?

NotJayCutler shared some festive advice.
NotJayCutler: If you're hosting a Christmas party, call the egg nog "rhino jizz."

From Saturday's in-game posts.
David in Maine: Good God. Rob Ryan looks due any day now…

That's your lot for this week. Last game of the season against the Vikings on Sunday... see you there.