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Thoughts From NFL Week 13: Chicago Bears and beyond

You can't say I didn't warn you. Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos did it again, so Timmy's picture shall adorn my Thoughts post this week. His continued winning ways now has his team tied atop the AFC West. Can anything slow down the Tim Tebow express? At some point the "Haters" have to recognize that even through his quarterbacking style isn't conventional, he's a good football player. And at least one writer makes a strong observation that we'll probably see him in the Pro Bowl.

1) Ice ice baby... Jason Garrett's an Idiot.

2) It's not like the Patriots to take their foot off the gas with a 31-3 lead. I suppose I could give credit to the Colts for coming back to make the game interesting, but nah... they stink.

3) I know it was way back on Thursday Night, but I hope everyone saw highlights of Marshawn Lynch running through the Eagles. But the Skittles thing is just weird.

4) I liked Stevie Johnson's 'aw shucks, I scored, here's the ball Mr. Referee' TD celebration.

5) And staying with that game, if Chris Johnson is back running like that, then the Titans could be a dangerous team down the stretch.

6) If you're gonna clinch a Division Title, you may as well do it in shutout style like the 49ers.

7) Aaron Rodgers might be the coolest QB in the NFL... damn you Aaron Rodgers...

8) I'm very impressed with the creative play design being done by Rob Chudzinski down in Carolina. In hindsight, I really wish the Bears would have signed Chud to run the Bears O back when...

9) I look around the NFL and see dynamic and athletic tight ends that are such big parts of their respective offenses, then I see Chicago's Martzfense and can only shake my head.

10) Does any NFC Wildcard hopeful want to take control of their spot? Loses by the Bears, Falcons, Giants, and Lions tell me no.