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Updates from Lovie Smith press conference

-Special shout out to Zach Zaidman for providing real-time tweets of Lovie Smith's press conference this afternoon. Here are some highlights:

- Lovie Smith on the performance vs. KC: "It won't happen many more times hopefully in the future."

- Lovie Smith says Major Wright has a shoulder sprain

- Lovie Smith says D.J. Moore should be back this week

- Lovie Smith says he expects Matt Forte to be back this season

- Lovie Smith: "Caleb's our quarterback."

- Lovie Smith says the Bears not considering bringing in any quarterback from the outside

- Lovie Smith says report on Mike Martz not returning "has to be made up."

- Lovie Smith on Roy WIlliams: "Next time he'll make that play."

- Lovie Smith on Craig Steltz: "Very pleased with what Craig came in and did."


So Lovie Smith has basically called BS on two very recent reports: One being that the team would consider looking at Donovan McNabb, and the other being that Mike Martz was expected to be gone after 2011.

Is this just Lovie-speak?