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Bears-Chiefs: Defensive Play of the Game

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The Bears defense is known for their aggressive takeaways, especially since Lovie Smith joined the team in 2004. Unfortunately, they failed to register any interceptions or defensive scores in their game versus the Chiefs, when the offense could have used them the most. To their credit, the Bears defense only gave up 10 points to the hapless Kansas City team, but it was not enough to tally a notch in the win column.

For this week, let's take a look at a few defensive plays that are worth mentioning.

- Israel Idonije's sack of Tyler Palko in the 2nd quarter on 3rd and long.

- Julius Peppers tackle for a loss in the 4th quarter on D. McCluster

- Corey Graham's stop on 3rd and 13 in the 4th quarter

- Chris Conte's tackle of McCluster on 3rd and 6 in the 4th quarter


In each of these plays, the Bears had the opportunity to take advantage on offense, with the game being within a one-score reach. As we know, that didn't happen.

For the purposes of this post, though, what was the best defensive play? Was it something else?