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Well, that didn't go as planned: the best of the Bears' loss to the Chiefs in-game thread

Disappointing game and I wasn't on WCG for it, but the in-game thread was actually fairly fun reading. Hit the jump to see where the entertainment lay.

Pregame discussion of Hanie's play from last week...
Kev H: I saw his decision making in the 4th quarter. I’m perfectly ok with a similar gameplan to last week.
Beer Down!: That delayed clock stop play was pretty innovative.

If the game had been one day later, you could add "and then he crashed a car into it and lied to the police."
T.Moore: Subway commercial... with Suh. he probably ate the place up
suckmyditka: After he stomped on the sandwich

Haven't seen it myself, but it sounds intruiging.
Dils: I HATE that Haynes commercial, Shame on MJ for letting a guy put his balls in his face

I hope they were talking about the early turnover we got after punting to the Chiefs. I don't want to have to explain what the alternative is (but it likely involves Germans and/or the Japanese. No, not WW2 or cars.).
T.Moore: The guy touched the ball
suckmyditka: couldn't resist touchin that big brown ball
Beer Down!: twss
suckmyditka: no [Edit: feces]

If anyone ever claims WCGers aren't kind people, I'll show them this charitable thought.
C-Razzle: I see Todd Haley, I wanna give him some tomato soup so he won't starve

I don't think that's a real style but, then again, I'm not a stylist.
T.Moore: Thought he said he will shave his beard....
CurtisEnisFan: He prefers "bum noveau".

I'll admit it, I chuckled.
Basketball Smurf: Denver just scored on defense. all credit to Tebow

How did this get by without some Bow-chika-wow-wowing?.
Fire Ron Turner: Has anyone ever had an erection for more than four hours?
awfullyquiet: I've seen it.

Oh no you didn't!
TheMan1: Kyle Orton out quicker than ..... (insert joke here)
ECD: The length of Kim Kardashian's wedding. Yea, I just went there.
TheMan1: Which one? Yeah I just went there

Rule of thumb
awfullyquiet: Was that timeout Clever? Or Stupid?
VegasCubFan: it Lovie called it, most likely it was stupid

I smell an endorsement opportunity...
crackedcactus: Somebody get Gate 68 a hotdog so he's busy for the rest of the game.
frenchbears113: He'd still find a way to mess that up
crackedcactus: He would probably get mustard on his jersey. Then try and eat the jersey

The most sensible summary I've seen yet of Cutler's injury situation.
gafferland: The man has half an ACE Hardware store in his thumb. He’s not coming back in 3 weeks.

I normally dislike all those "My thoughts" fanposts because they're rarely anything that can't be discussed in an ongoing releated post, but this would be excellent!
Cosmis: My thoughts: (Press 12 times for proper effect)

Sweet baby Ditka, EVACUATE THE MINE, NOW !!!
ECD: I'm really starting to lose faith in the season

It's funny 'cos it's true.
JFCubFan: time to unleash Martz
crackedcactus: oh [Edit: fingerpainting] no. we don't need a triple reverse flea flicker.

lmfsilva looks on the bright side of life.
suckmyditka: Enderle deserves a chance IMO
propheteer: Seriously? You're high.
suckmyditka: that's besides the point
lmfsilva: at this point, can't say I disagree. Even if he gets killed by his inability to move, that should at least open up a space on the roster.

I'd watch that!
suckmyditka: Raise your hand if you give two [Edit: sessions of making love] about where to find michael bubbly this weekend
Swarley: Only so he can be delivered with a dick punch.

I like the cut of your jib.
propheteer: Wow. You're telling me McNabb can't be better than this garbage?
crackedcactus: McNabb isn't a funny name. If the Bears are going to play a Clown at QB I demand to be entertained.

We never received a followup on this.
torch: I'm so depressed. I might actually click the ‘Busty Russians’ ad from the game streaming site

Shuggs' weekly game thread "Dead wrong but will argue about it with absolute cocksureness" argument was in the 4th quarter. Highlights:
Shuggs: Cutler wouldn't make that throw since he wouldn't throw into Trip coverage.
Shuggs: Earl [is no better a receiver than] Roy.

gafferland: Thanks but I think I'll stay here and swear.

Postgame contemplation: How painful was it to watch this loss?
HasClothesLikeaDickhead: It was like a parapalegic getting poked to death with a cane by a 90 lb 86 year old.

Dane really is a ninja.
Jim Ribs: wh
Dane Noble: Wrecked.
Jim Ribs: first mobile post brings my family great shame.
Dane Noble: Shh... Don’t disturb its beauty.

Finally, a few thoughts from NotJayCutler:
NotJayCutler: Engaged again? What am I, a Kardashian?
NotJayCutler: Eat at Subway or Ndonkeykong Suh will stomp your face.
NotJayCutler: Just lost $20 to Forte playing dominos. Someone had to pay him.
NotJayCutler: I just prayed that Tim Tebow would get busted with a balloon of heroin up his ass.
NotJayCutler: Jim Schwartz looks like he uses his wife's douche.

That's your lot for this week. Next up, the fierce defense and divine offense of the Denver Broncos. Can we stack up? Will we retain our sense of humour if we don't? We'll find out this weekend.