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The Rah-Rah Brotherhood

All right, Bears fans, here's the deal. We've suffered through two injuries to our best offensive players, we lost to a fictional quarterback last week on a Hail Mary pass, and yet, we're still tied for a playoff spot at this time. So whether you think we may not win another game this year, or you're so deflated after the Chiefs loss that you couldn't even muster the courage to comment Wednesday morning, buck up, sports fans, 'cus I don't see a singing fat lady just yet. Jump in defiance of all rationality!

Ok, so I'm a bit hot under the collar here, and I'm not going to provide you with any analytical insight or statistical analysis as to how or why the Bears aren't dead in the water; I'll save that for Kev's weekly playoff race breakdown, or Steven's weekend "things we do to win" capsules. Here, we're running on full-throttled, irrational bonding of mankind and sports. I can't believe we lost to the Chefs (intentional) last week, but so what? This week we get the anointed one (I'll capitalize that after the rapture), and as Ronk pointed out, we have an ideal defense for a run first, poorly throw second, type of quarterback. We have enough talent defensively to capitalize on turnovers, a special teams unit that can help us out immensely, and offensively... seriously, after two weeks without Cutler they have to have figured something out by now, right?

Regardless, if you're the fan in mourning right now (the Jay Cutler Support group was disbanded after the Forte injury due to insufficient space for all us tortured souls) because of the Bears' lost season, take solace in the fact that whether we like our team's chances sans Forte and Cutler, we still have a shot to make the playoffs. Its a playoff race, people! And until Cutty and Matt are IR'd, I'm holding out hope for a triumphant return to the gridiron for both, just in time to start knocking teams off in the playoffs. Am I delusional? Is there any real hope of playoff success? Should I even waste time writing rhetorical questions?

Regardless of what the odds say on making the playoffs without your starting QB and RB for the last month (possibly!) of the season, we're tied for a playoff spot right now, and that's what matters. Throw off your rational shackles and root for the Bears like always. Don't think about the injuries, don't stress about Hanie's next interception or Martz's insanity, just watch, root, and hope that at the end of the game, its the Bears' on top. Oh, and don't hold the "Ya-Ya Sisterhood"-like title against me.