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Raid on Bear's Coaching Staff Continues

Following the Philadelphia Eagles interviewing Bears DB coach Jon Hoke, two Bears coaches are headed on to new jobs.

First, Special Teams assistant, Chris Tabor, is now the Special Teams Coach for the Cleveland Browns. This is no surprise. The Bears have had a top rated Special Teams for years. It only makes sense that somebody came knocking for anybody who worked with Dave Toub.

Also, the Carolina Panthers have announced the hiring of Bears Defensive Line Coach Eric Washington as their new defensive line coach. Since this is a lateral move, I assume the Bears gave permission and Washington thought he had a better opportunity elsewhere. Washington joins another Bear, Ron Rivera, in Carolina. Again, no surprise. Rod Marinelli is one of, if not the most, respected defensive line coaches in the league. Taking a guy who worked under him is a no-brainer.

It is amusing to see how valued Bears coaching prospects are considering how little respect Lovie Smith and the Bears get in general. I suppose that shows the difference between media and people who actually are in the business, so to speak.