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Chicago Bears Over-30 Club

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It has been noted all season long, especially in the last few weeks, how young of a team the Packers have assembled.  It's also not a far-fetched idea that they will continue to have significant success, due to that young nucleus that they have.  

We've also discussed how the Bears will need to make some serious moves if they are to keep pace with the Pack, so for a moment, let's shift gears.  Let's take a look at the players on the Bears roster that are over 30 years old.  The ones noted with an asterisk have been in the league 10+ years:


Israel Idonije

Lance Briggs

Anthony Adams

Kevin Shaffer


Julius Peppers

Brandon Manumaleuna*

Chester Taylor

Rashied Davis

Roberto Garza*


Brian Urlacher*


Olin Kreutz*

Desmond Clark*


Patrick Mannelly*


Brad Maynard*


Todd Collins*


A few of those players are likely not going to be on our roster next season, but there are some significant names on that list.  Free agency has been kind to the Bears for the last couple of years, but it may be time to start stockpiling some good football players in the Draft as well.