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The Bears Den: February 11th, 2010 Edition

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...where we don't need no stinkin' badges.

Will NFL and players get a deal done by March 3? - *shakes magic 8-ball* Signs point to no.

Moon: Will the Bears pursue Shaun Rogers? - Probably not. Hopefully.

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Ex-Bear McKie re-signs with Ravens - Good on him.

Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari to announce their engagement soon - Oooh, I feel just like TMZ.

NFL Videos: Trick shot quarterback - Pretty spiffy. news: Former Auburn QB Newton draws rave reviews for workout - How much did he (allegedly) get paid for it? news: Colts will use tag 'as a matter of course' to keep Manning - If they didn't, and didn't have him under contract, they would get the award for dumbest franchise ever.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Last Game, Best Game - FO looks at the Super Bowl.

Tag, you're it! | How PFF thinks teams should use their tags.

You know them most likely for 'Chelsea Dagger', the goal song for the Blackhawks or from the Amstel Light commercial. Here's the Fratellis with 'Baby Fratelli'