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Fan Organization Hopes to Influence NFL/Player's Union Negotiations.

Now that the final season is over, news for a lot of teams around the league has grown kind of soft. While this is natural, given that they have no practices, meetings, or games, there is a slightly different air to the start of this off-season.

The possibility of a lockout looms large, with both sides trying to do right by their respective groups. For many fans, it's a case of millionaires arguing with multi-millionaires. For one group, however, it's about trying to give the fans a voice. has set up, which aims to put a fan angle into the proceedings. They've set up a petition that they hope can show each side of the bargaining table and that the fans have valuable input--their time, hearts, and money.

The site also has a breakdown of taxpayer funding for stadiums across the league, links to lockout news, videos, and more. Check out the site if you're interested in learning more about the potential lockout, and as always, keep checking WCG for news and analysis.