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Chicago Bears and the Super Bowl: Reality or Pipe Dream?

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Now that the dust has settled, and we start looking to the Draft and Free Agency, Bears fans are starting to see more and more clearly the needs on this team. We've certainly got roster issues to deal with, and the coaching staff still needs to work out some kinks, but just how far are the Bears from taking that extra step to greatness?

The success of any organization starts at the top, and the ownership of the Bears has as much of a rich history as any other team in the league. But, what is unclear is the direction of the leadership, and how much control people like Ted Phillips and Jerry Angelo really have.

Taking all things into consideration (ownership, management, coaching, roster), how far away are the Bears from really being a championship-caliber team? If it's going to happen, is the window closing rapidly, or do we have enough pieces in place to be a long-term threat to the NFL?

Tell us what your thoughts are regarding the Chicago Bears and their Super Bowl aspirations.