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The Bears Den: February 12, 2011

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...where we're developing the 5 Stages of No Football Grief.

There is an award for NFL Team of the Year in the UK; guess who won this year?

John 'Moon' Mullin has a couple of very good links regarding the NFL-Union issues.

Brad Biggs has his positional analysis on the wide receivers.

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Biggs also brings his series to a close with an analysis of the Special Teams.

The team will not use the franchise tag on any of their free agents this year

Dan Pompei has a great Q/A session from this week's mailbag.

We love Steve McMichael, and we love listening to audio of him speaking.  He points out that he's helped raise more money for charity than he made playing pro football, and how he screwed the Packers.

Kevin Seifert: "By renewing your season tickets on schedule, you're contributing to the league's lockout fund."

Seifert has finalized his All-NFC North team.

USA Today's most recent Team Report for the Bears.

Pro Football Focus has a great read on Shaun Rogers.

Doug Farrar has an outstanding look at three OTs for this year's draft, as well as two interior linemen.