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Please welcome the newest members of WCG's staff!

We have recently been recruiting new staff members to join WCG, and are still in the process of filling a couple... But I would like to take this opportunity to welcome two that we have hired:

1- Timothy Hockemeyer, aka T-Train, actually joined us before I started recruiting for the three open positions recently posted.  Timothy will be starting Monday, and will be delivering late-night content to the front page on a nightly basis.

2- Pete Dixon, aka spleensplitter, has been chosen as our new Den Contributor.  Pete will be providing us with our daily link-dump that we all enjoy kicking our day off with.

Both of these gentlemen have been with WCG for a while, and have contributed a lot of value in the comments and FanPost sections.  We look forward to having them on-board... Please welcome them!

We are still working on the Fantasy Football and Weekend Contributors, but are quickly narrowing those down as we speak.  I'm trying to get back to as many candidates as possible, but please understand I have gotten at least 50 emails for the three open positions, so I simply won't be able to respond to all.