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Coach Poach Continues: Titans Reportedly Interested in Mike Tice

Given the way the Bears exceeded the expectations of many last season, there was no doubt that members of the carnival of ex-head coaches would get contacted to go elsewhere this season, and it looks like the guy who took a completely and absolutely terrible offensive line, and turned them into just a completely terrible line, might get a shot at playcalling again.

Ace Reporter Brad Biggs from Chicago Breaking Sports is reporting that the TItans are interested in Mike Tice for his offensive playcalling potential.

An NFL source said the Titans are interested in talking with Tice about becoming the offensive coordinator for new head coach Mike Munchak. It's unclear whether the Bears will grant permission for Tice to interview for the job as he has one more year on his contract. The Titans fired DeKalb native Mike Heimerdinger last week.

The Bears have, historically, been pretty nice about helping out coaches who might get other opportunities elsewhere, but Biggs goes on to point out why that might now work out so well for them this time around. You might be wondering, "Hey, don't they have to let him interview? That's a promotion." That rule, however, only applies if the vacant position is 'Head Coach.'

In mid-February, it would be difficult for the Bears to find a replacement for Tice, who Smith and general manager Jerry Angelo have called one of the league's best line coaches. Most of the coach shuffling is complete so the pool of candidates isn't deep. The unit remains a work in progress under Tice, and the team figures to be in the market for at least two linemen.

The Bears are in a terrible position at this time to lose Tice, given the fact that the offensive line, without question, is what held the Bears offense back. We should see pretty soon what the Bears decide to do, but there should be little question that the Titans are denied permission to talk to Tice.