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Make Back-Up Plans Now: Lockout Looms Large for NFL

Nfl_mediumWhile it's small solace for Bears fans, the Green Bay Packers win in Super Bowl XLV didn't last as the national headline very long. With the NFL labor talks sitting at a stalemate for months now, time is quickly counting down to the March 4th deadline they've set for themselves.

The NFL tried to pay a little bit of lip service to their fans during the Super Bowl. Many of you may have seen the "Greatest. Fans. Ever." ad that was shown. (Watch it here.) Be wary, though. While they want you to think they're madly in love with you, they're really just looking out for themselves.

It's a 'rich guys vs. slightly-less-rich guys' battle, and neither side seems to be that worried about alienating the source of their revenues, the fans. One need only look at the MLB Strike in 1994 to see the widespread effect the work-stoppage could have. Fans of any sports are passionate, and while that's to the league's benefit now, it could easily be their downfall in the future.

Aaron Wilson of National Football post doesn't quite feel the same way, though. After summing up well where the talks stand, he has this to say:

Both sides are counting on fans sticking with them no matter how much good will is exhausted during this ugly fight. The NFLPA seems to have done more, though, to reach out to fans and express concern about what Joe Sixpack thinks with thier mantra of, "Let Us Play," that has struck a chord.

The sad truth remains that the NFL is right. The fans are going anywhere no matter how nasty this labor battle becomes.

Is that true, though? What do you think about the multi-billion dollar gamble the NFL and NFLPA are taking?