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Even more new faces at Windy City Gridiron!

We recently announced the addition of two new staffers here at WCG, Timothy and Pete, and today I am proud to announce that we have filled the Fantasy Football Contributor and Weekend Contributor positions as well.  

But, before I do, I'd also like to thank everyone who reached out and threw their names into the hat... I tried to get back to everyone who applied, but due to such a high volume of applicants, I was unable.  Again, thanks for your interest, and we may end up circling back around at some point should we need to add to the staff again.  With no further ado:

- Brendan Hess, formerly known as eldilar, has filled the Fantasy Football position.  Brendan has an incredible amount of knowledge and experience in the FF realm, and will be starting this week with his front page posts.  This is an element that has been missing from WCG, and we are very excited to get this kicked o ff.

- Steven Schweickert, formerly known as SJS_illini, has accepted the Weekend Contributor position.  WCG, like many other sites, had been shutting down most weekends, but this will no longer be the case.  The guy with the weird avatar has been around WCG for over a year now, and will be bringing his awesomeness to the front page every weekend.

Please join me in hazing welcoming the two newest members of the Cool Kids Club!