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Chicago Bears Say "No Dice" to Titans about Tice

As a followup to what we told you yesterday here, the Chicago Bears have denied the opportunity to the Titans to talk to Offensive Line Coach Mike Tice.

Brad Biggs reports at Chicago Breaking Sports:

The Chicago Bears on Monday have denied a faxed request by the Tennessee Titans to interview assistant coach Mike Tice for their vacant offensive coordinator position, an NFL source told the Tribune.

It is the opinion of WCG that this comes, really, as no surprise. As we said yesterday:

The Bears are in a terrible position at this time to lose Tice, given the fact that the offensive line, without question, is what held the Bears offense back.

Tice will be around to help develop the existing line, and in choosing the drafted linemen of the future. While it's not fun to see a promotion denied to a man, it's good to know he'll be around for any theoretical 2011 season. Should there be one, that is.