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The Bears Den: February 15, 2011


...where it's like a den...with Bears!

Mike Martz is pleased with Jay Cutler's performance: "as smart a player as I've ever had". Larry Mayer with a good read to start off the day. Hair styling tips are optional.

Bears in denial: Our pal Sean Jensen with his take on the Titans request to speak with Mike Tice.

Cam Newton protects his house (and everything else he's getting ready to buy) with a new Under Armour apparel deal. CNBC's Darren Rovell reports. Is this a great country or what?

Follow WCG on Twitter and enhance your jumping skills. You will need them. Now.

SportsLawGuy Gabriel A. Feldman breaks down the legal issues behind the NFL-CBA negotiations. He's a sports guy. He's a law guy, too. He's so smart he can answer his own questions. Excellent read.

Remember Ahman Green? Of course you do. And so do the Bears because they used to read his name on the back of his jersey. A lot. Before that he was a Seahawk. Now he's a Skylark, or better yet, a Montreal Alouette of the CFL. Feel free to sing the "Alouette" song in his honor as loudly as possible to yourself. Or not.

Just around the corner at Brian Galliford thinks the Bears will have a shot of Derek Sherrod with a Jurrell Casey chaser in the first two rounds of his 2011 NFL Mock Draft. Discuss, don't cuss.

Here's a Bears Mock Draft 1.0 from Adam Hoge, CBS Chicago. Injured OT: check. Undersized CB: check. Mid-round speedy 6' WR: check.

The NFP's Joe Fortenbaugh breaks down the 1st Round over the last ten years. It's not an exact science. He tells you why.

Kiper and McShay rank QB's. Chicago knows all about rank QB's. To the draft lab.

Jeopardy computers and stuff. Sounds like exact science.

Goodbye Logan Mankins. Hello new (old) Spider-Man.


Time for some low-down, no good boogie blues: