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The Bears Den: February 16, 2011

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...where it smells of rich mahogany... and tube socks

Spencer Hall at SBNation has an interview with the 2011 SI Swimsuit Cover Model Irina Shayk. 

"We need more winning teams in this city." Ozzie speaks courtesy of CSN Chicago. And then he bites the head off of a dove. More highlights from the 2011 CSN Sports Awards can be seen here. Fan favorite Israel Idonije, Bear of the Year.

Follow WCG on Twitter! Oil is involved. And a Twister mat.

A cold war mounts: Maury Brown with The Biz of Football says a lockout is certain. Complete text of the charges.

The Commish weighs in. "THE TIME HAS COME TO MAKE A DEAL". Yes, he shouted. So did Monty Hall. There's another good read here.

And that naturally leads to franchising. No, not that Cinnabon you were contemplating.

On the line: Tice would have joined Munchak and Matthews, two former lineman in Tennessee. A View from the Moon.

ESPN Chicago's Michael C. Wright has more on the Tice story. Assistants to unionize?

Matt Bowen tells us that the off season period is the best time for players to work on their skills. The Bucs Josh Freeman is doing just that in case of a lockout. Chicks dig sweet skills.

Also from Bowen, a look at the NFL's measuring stick: the 40 yard dash.

Greg Gabriel has a great piece on scouting quarterbacks.

Are you "beltified"? As a Bear fan, what's your reaction? (No shooting the messenger, please).

McCarthy to coach Packers through 2015. Still searching for video of him doing the "belt".

This is weird. Wonder if she did the "belt".


Wicked cool: