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The Bears Den: February 17, 2011

...where we negotiate, not litigate!

CBA negotiations based on trust according to Andrew Brandt. 

Larry Mayer has part 2 of his position reviews. Matt Forte is a runner and a receiver. He also does impressions.

Red Zone Blues: Bears good, Eagles bad. Some X's and O's from Football Outsiders.

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More on Tice's contract being extended by a year. Bears' staff stays (largely) intact. Lovie and Angelo next?

"The Bears could make a case for drafting a player at any of the five offensive line positions". Hey! Just what is Mel Kiper trying to insinuate here? Mock 2.0.

He's an OT from Wisconsin and he's very popular at WCG. Get your Gabe face on.

Richard Seymour agrees to a two-year extension making him the highest paid defensive player in the NFL. What?

House for sale: Denver, Co. Looks like some NFL team is going to get a 10-Time Pro Bowler.

PFT reports that Jets plan to let Cromartie walk, could have plans for Asomugha. Much CB's. Much speculation.

It's our old pal Cedric Benson. He plans to pound the ball. He'll tell you twice.

Say "Happy Birthday" to Bryan Cox.

Yesterday's "Poll of the Day" did not include this as an option. Can you think of any?

Some of us would really like one of these.

You couldn't do any of this even if you wanted to: