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The Bears Den: February 18th, 2011 Edition

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Where putting "Justin Bieber" on your page is likely to increase the number of visits by teens, and excite David Taylor. Probably more of the second one.

NFL, players union agree to mediation - By mediation, I mean, they agree to sit in a room with some other people while they complain at each other.

Israel Idonije continues his good works - Before too long, this guy is probably going to start wearing a cape and flying around saving busloads of nuns. I mean, is there anything he can't do?

Packers reward Super Bowls; Bears reward what, exactly? - The Bears reward slightly above averagish (sp?) performance.

Follow WCG on Twitter. It promotes healthy digestion.

Lovie Smith shouldn't expect a raise - Some think he should still be paying the team back for 07, 08, 09.

Moon: A new idea to end the CBA stalemate - Moon breaks it down in his smooth way.

2011 NFL Free Agent Tracker - PFF outdoes themselves with this 585 man list.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Cover-2: DTs of the 2011 Draft, Part 1 - The Bears Favorite! DT! And it's by Doug Farrar! Score!

Irsay: Colts willing to sign Manning to five- or six-year deal -What else could they say? "We don't think this guy is really that good?" That's the problem with having the best players in the game on your team--everyone's willing to tell them their value.

And now, some Dirty South Punk Rock courtesy of the boys in Whole Wheat Bread: